Friday, July 6, 2012

easy cheap homemade baskets.

So I have been cruising a lot of crafter blogs and ran into this awesome one called "On My Honor." Its this great blog that these three local sisters write that includes awesome crafts.

This post in particular got me interested. I decide to make my own.

After pricing the clothes line on Amazon, I decided to go to my local Ace Hardware. Unfortunately it was much cheaper online. Amazon sells the same line at 12 bucks for 100 feet and Ace hardware itself sell it for 5 bucks per 50 feet.  Needless to say I was already there and didnt want to go back home empty handed but this is just one more example of it being WAAAY cheaper (I get free shipping) to buy online than even smaller local stores. This is depressing because I want to support local business but when the price is half online, it gets harder and harder to justify.

But I digress....

I followed the instructions as posted at "on my honor" but added some red wool yarn in between the cords as well as some handles.

Overall I was very pleased and the project was super easy. This basket now resides in my car for the kids lil odds and ends that usually end up all over the place.

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