Gogol Bordello


Friday, November 30, 2012

Little pink riding hood.

So I feeling kinda bummed because I didn't have a medium weight wintery coat. I looked at the thrift shops I could afford but couldn't find anything I liked. I even perused higher end stores looking for the perfect coat.

Needless to say I didn't find it so I had to make it.

I took a vintage wool suit jacket from my closet and my favorite wool striped sweater, which until recently did fit but due to the inevitable weight gain this year it had become a tad too snug, and melded them together.

I used the sweater to extend the sleeves, as a hood liner and for applique.

Using a hoodie as a template for my hood (and remembering a cool video from Threadbanger on hoodie making) I made the hood and liner. My hood was extra large so I could fold over the edge to create a pocket for a drawstring, or in my case a thin black 80's tie.

I then seperated the liner from the body where the hood was to be, machine sewed the hood to the jacket body and hand whip stitched the liner to the hood. I added a heart made from the sweater logo and stabilizer and hand stitched that onto the breast pocket.

Since making it I have worn it everyday and have gotten a few compliments on it. By no means does it look professional but its warm and snuggly as hell, fits me well and is exactly what I was looking for. And for those who know me, pink is a tad of a shock but I liked how it went with the lime green stripe on the sleeve and it reminds me of a strawberry. Washington Winters are dull, hazy and grey so this coat helps add a bit of color and still allows me to blend in with the grey rain clouds.