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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Crochet, felted zombie cat cave.

So I suck as per usual and haven't taken the time to update this in a LOOOOOOOONG time. Unfortunately I haven't had a ton of time to even craft much. Our time is eaten away by work and typically our days end with just enough time to make dinner (as much from scratch as we can), eat and chill together just before bed time.

Now that I have taken up a new albeit small/tiny motorcycle, even more of my time is taken up with practice. Believe me I need it.

Here is a project that took me a week and then a few more to deliver it to its intended. Its a green crochet and felted cat cave.

I had a few skeins of vintage green wool hanging around and even used my beloved pure wool that I had obtained on our last vacation.... even these four skeins were not enough and I found myself purchasing at least another three at the only place I can locate all the colors of the rainbow....that would be Canvas Works in downtown Olympia.

I crocheted a flat circle then made my way up leaving a giant opening at the front. Taking it up till the sides were long enough (too heavy to support itself, that is why I felted it) I decreased to make another flat circle on top. Since this is supposed to be a zombie I cut out a hole on the top to use red wool instead.

After felting it I added felt teeth and eyes etc. In the end the brain ended up looking like an organ of a different region but hey,I get points for trying right?

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