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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Small details make all the difference.

So I've been talking with a co-worker a lot lately about his road trip to Canada. Still excited about his time off, he has talked about the subtle differences between our country and theirs. "Its the little things" he says "that makes all the difference." When asked to elaborate he gives an example in presentation, food.

He goes on to tell me that during the entire week, when he and his road partner would mosey into a cafe in any small town for breakfast, the food just seemed better. Of course I had to press, "better how exactly?"

"Well, it just seemed like they cared more. Take toast for example. Everywhere I went the toast would be laid out nicely, toasted and buttered equally on both sides. Its as if the person who toasted it actually cared about how the customer wanted his or her toast, like they were proud to present it. Its the little things I notice in the details."

Hmmm, was my only reply.

He then went on to state that of the two breakfasts he purchased in the states, the toast was not as up to standard at was at times burnt on one side or not toasted on the other. The presentation was also very casual as if the toast itself just didn't care and lounged lackadaisical on its plate as if it could care less whether or not it was eaten. It lacked appeal.

Being a craft minded person, I started to think about how what seems to be very small things and how they make a difference. So in a round about way, I dedicate this post to my co-worker. By far the best gifts I have ever been given are all home made. I treasure every thoughtful item but if like me you dont always have the time to make something completely from scratch you can take something that you already have and improve it. It is about taking something that might be so, so and making it better, a small change if you will that makes all the difference.

Take an item, any item and add a detail thus making it your own. This is a great project for those that do not have time to completely make something from scratch or just want to spruce something up. For an example, I took a standard white nighty. I liked the shape and the pockets but found that it had a pretty boring presentation. I stenciled a design on the front using fabric markers. It seems that I stencil a lot of things these days. Its a great, fast, cheap and easy way to add details to things that shows you care.


  1. Real sugar makes a difference in food too, wonder if our neighbors up north use the real stuff or that cheapy corn syrup stuff!

  2. True, he did mention that as well. Funny how hard at first it is to find food that doesn't have "corn syrup" or "corn sugar" as they call it now. I love that Senia bakes. She makes beautiful cakes that she personalizes. Those beat out standard bakery items anyday.