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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blackberry goodness.

After blackberry picking Apocalypse 2011 yesterday, I decided to use half for jam and the other for some sort of modified hooch. Had I had actual alcohol in the house, I would have made a fast cordial but alas, I am lame.

I loosely followed the directions for jam  inside of the box of fruit pectin (always the lower sugar type) and made a few jars of sticky glorious blackberry jam. With the left over berry mash I added about two cups of water and a ton of sugar. Boiled it a bit then put it into a reused glass bottle with a hermetic cap on it. ...then I thought...hmmm doesn't hooch need yeast? I took a cup of apple juice (100%) with a teaspoon of yeast and dissolved it together in a pan then added it to the bottle.

For fear of explosion I uncapped it and put a loose cover over the top to allow gas escape-age then placed it in a cool cupboard all high and dry and safe. Smells ok but I'm pretty scared as to how it will turn out. In two weeks I will strain it and re-cap it, allowing it to further ferment for a few months.

If I go blind, I am sure you will understand.

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