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Monday, August 1, 2011

Nut butter....

Ha ha.
Today we are talking about almond butter. Almonds are supposed to be the one nut that my Husband isn't allergic to. After exorcising the house of the dreaded peanut butter I started to take more of an interest in its tastier cousin, almond.

I found that I liked the more natural types, the ones that didnt use shortening for example to make a creamy texture. I liked the Blue Diamond brand but decided that it was too expensive and really...did I need to eat more palm oil? I thought to myself, why would someone add a oil to an already oily nut....after making my own I understood.

Choosing to use almond oil for almond butter I found it was super easy to make and so tasty too. All I do is blend a handful of raw almonds and add enough almond oil to get the creamy texture that I like. I like a bit of sweet so I add a teaspoon of whatever sweetener I have be it honey agave...whatever. A pinch of salt and away we go. It tastes excellent on top of toasted gluten free bread and I know that it hasnt been contaminated with the evil scourge, the peanut.

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